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boredom is an illness that is difficult to cure.
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OH MAAAN. I wish we had story portraits in platinum. That would have been awesome. I hope the rest of the characters will as good as 4th gen. I'm just gonna keep my fingers crossed.

Also, the glasses character looks very, very similar to a character in Soul Eater. :o
24th-Jun-2010 11:14 am - OPEN TO PUBLIC, friends are always <3
Making journal public because I don't really care anyway :/
17th-Jun-2010 07:23 pm - AnimeNEXT, anyone?
hmmm yes. I'm going to AN Saturday pretty early in the morning (hopefully) because exams are in the way. (curses!) anyway, is anyone going to be there? I'm not a cosplayer or anything just someone that lingers in the dealer's room. sketchy.

I might be going to Otakon because I'm looking at collages in the area. Anyone thinking of coming there, at least?  Guess I'll just cross my fingers lol.
13th-Mar-2010 09:51 am - MOEEEEE
*suddenly pops from the grave* I've been busy with Junior year stuff and trying to fill up my resume lol. Maybe next year I'll have senior-itous and go back to internets again.

O:07- SHE'S SO FRICKIN' ADORABLE. I have a new waifu now ;-;

I'm pumped for Sunday <3 I'm going to pick up SoulSilver because I played silver version when I was little. BOY HOW NOSTALGIC. Anyone else getting it? Friend codes when it comes out? :3
26th-Apr-2009 10:39 am - FRIENDS ONLAAAAY

comment to be added (you'll only slightly regret it)

  1. I don't post icons in this journal. Go to resetagain for teh colorsss.
  2. I don't rant very much (at least not yet)
  3. I draw crappy meme-doodles and what not.
  4. I looove posting pictures of my room cause' I'm a dork.
  5. Don't make me cry ;-;
  6. No one likes jackasses either
  7. Sending pictures as comments is always crack.
  8. quack.
  9. Comment on this like it's gossip so that my journal is more alive and so I can pimp out on the friends list, yo.
  10. I'll also love you if you post A LOT of pokemon fanart/ask me for my friend code (I have platinum)
FANDOMS: Pokemon (obvious) Vocaloid (also obvious), Durarara!, Hauhi Suzumiya, Soul Eater,  Axis Powers Hetalia <3

26th-Apr-2009 10:39 am - don't ask questions, just do it =|
25th-Dec-2008 11:55 am - Merry Christmas~

I drew this in facebook yesterday...Merry Christmas/New Years' everyone. <3
ummm....instead of using the account reset_again , I'll be posting icons to resetagain the icon community XD please friend the comm instead of the user one because I'll figure out how to have it deleted later. ;P
anyway, icons will be posted there from now on XD
16th-Feb-2008 09:04 pm - Biiiirthday.
Guess what guuuuyz? It's my birthday =D Not that I expect anyone to give me anything lol. I'm turning 15 20 this year. OH yeah, and I haven't gotten the time to make any new icons D: Hopefully I get started on them on the remaining 3 days of my mini-vaction ^^
24th-Dec-2007 01:54 pm - Anime collection

 I finally got around to showing these and some ooooooooooold pics of stuff I got from Otakon and AnimeNEXT last summer. 
Don't worry, the images have been resized. ^^


More? You've been warned. IMAGE HEAVY.Collapse )
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